Job Opportunity

Head of HR Department (01 position – Head Office)

Location: Head Office


  1. 1. Set the HR strategies and HR plan to align with MAXIMA’s business plan.

  2.  Develop the annual HR strategies to correspond to the business plan set by top management and Board of Directors.

  3.  Consult with staff and management on HR issues and provide the recommendation.

  4. 2. Reporting/KPI management of HR activities

  5.  Prepare report and track information of KPI Management and HR activities

  6. 3. Staff satisfaction/Employee branding management

  7.  Understanding more on staff satisfaction level and build good employee / employer branding

  8. 4. Manage the recruitment and selection process corresponding to the business‘s need.

  9.  Develop the recruitment and selection strategies to attract the qualified applicants.

  10.  Set the recruitment plan to align with business’s need and support the hiring managers to recruit the qualified staff on time.

  11.  Join in the interview committee to interview and select the applicants.

  12.  Recruit the staff on time to support the hiring managers’ need.

  13. 5. Manage the training and development programs.

  14.  Conduct the TNA with MAXIMITES and set yearly training plan, requesting for the top management‘s approval.

  15.  Produce and provide the training programs for new staff in order that they know MAXIMA’s culture, policies, and their duties before starting work.

  16.  Set the development programs to build the staff capacity and team work, enhancing the staff productivity.

  17.  Train, coach, and mentor the staff as requested by top management and heads of department.

  18.  Cooperate with the external training agents to provide the training courses to MAXIMA’s staff as required by the top management.

  19. 6. Manage the compensation and benefits in compliance with labor law and MAXIMA’s policies.

  20.  Check and review annually the compensation and benefits for staff to align with Cambodian labor law and labor market and submit for top management and BOD‘s approval.

  21.  Ensure the calculation of payroll and benefits with accuracy and transparency, and provide the payroll to staff on time.

  22.  Provide the staff welfare as set by the policies and top management.

  23. 7. Manage the performance appraisal process to ensure the challenging working environment, productivity, staff performance, as well as the organizational performance.

  24.  Produce and update the performance appraisal tools to measure the staff‘s performance for a half of year and the whole year.

  25.  Conduct the performance appraisal with all staff within HR Department and follow up with all department heads, branch managers, and chiefs of service office to process the PA with their subordinates on time.

  26.  Manage the score of performance appraisal into the database system and analyze for the purpose of the training and development plan.

  27. 8. Develop, update, and implement the HR policies and procedures to comply with MAXIMA’s vision, mission, objectives, and Cambodian labor law.

  28.  Set up the HR policies and procedures to comply with the law and to align with MAXIMA’s strategic business.

  29.  Update the policies and procedures in reference to the business‘s need.

  30.  Implement the HR policies and procedures and take action with who have broken the policies and procedures.

  31. 9. Contact and work in relation with the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training and other local authority in any aspects related to staff and labor.


  1. - Fully committed to MAXIMA’s vision, mission, culture, and values.

  2. - University degree in HR Management or Business Administration or related fields

  3. - At least 4 years of working experiences in HR management.

  4. - Be honest, friendly, active and creative

  5. - Good Interpersonal Skills

  6. - Fluent in Khmer language and English

  7. - Computer literacy in MS. Word, Access, Internet and E-mail

  8. - Demonstrate high level of ethical behavior and trustworthiness

  9. - High level of commitment

  10. - Ability to work under pressure and highly self-motivated

  1. Note: Deadline of application:30-Sept-2021


  3. Applicants who meet above requirements should send a cover letter, resume or CV, and supporting document attention to any of the following address:

  4. Head Office: #21AB, street 271, Sangkat Phsar Doeum Thkov, Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh.

  5. Email:


  7. Phone: 023 214 240 / 016 35 55 25 / 017 49 72 05; Website:

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