MAXIMA Cleanliness and Health Promotion Project (MCHPP)

Microfinance clients frequently report that the cost of illness causes difficulties with loan repayment often requiring clients to use their business loans and other household assets to pay for healthcare expenses. UNICEF Factsheet states that “Families can help reduce waterborne and sanitation-related illnesses with basic hygienic practices. Combining hand washing, food protection and household hygiene reduces infant diarrhea by 33 per cent…..”. In an effort to promote basic hygiene and health awareness of its clients MAXIMA continued to run its project of providing basic hygiene literacy to clients and especially to small children on practical application of how to wash their hands properly with soap achieved through the MAXIMA Cleanliness and Health Promotion Project (MCHPP).

On 28 May 2017, MAXIMA arrange the financial literacy training and cleanliness program at Angtasom location office at Prey Ta Mouk Village Srae Nornoang Commune Tram Kak District Takeo Province. The event attended by 42 children, 30 clients and villagers, and also 14 staff of MAXIMA. MAXIMA uses this platform to educate and disseminate information to our clients about over-indebtedness, and also information regarding borrowing that clients should know. In addition to that, MAXIMA team also teach the small children on how to wash hand properly. MAXIMA trusts that by understand and having concept on financial and health would help our clients improve their lives better.