Board of Directors

  • Ms.PRAACHI GANDHI is a Sociologist, Ex-Lecturer and Soft-Skills Trainer from the Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University, India. She is also a ‘CERISE Certified SPI4 External Auditor’ working in the field of Social Performance Management (SPM) and Client Protection Principles (CPP) in Microfinance Institutions (MFI) around the world. As a Sociologist and a Woman who has worked at grass root level for several years, Praachi understands well the needs of microfinance clients, especially women, to maintain the respect, dignity and privacy of clients through transparent, trustful and responsible relationships. Praachi has been a research specialist with several NGOs and has worked on various international projects some being with; John’s Hopkins University, USA, the MacArthur Foundation and others. She has published work from these projects. Praachi is a people’s person and has the unique ability to connect seamlessly with people from all walks of life and all age-groups. At Gojo, Praachi heads social performance management using her field experience to make sure that the partner MFIs of Gojo fulfil their social responsibility. It was with her guidance and unwavering support that MAXIMA received their Smart Campaign Client Protection Certificate in 2019. MAXIMA is proud to have her on the Board as the ‘SPM Chairwoman’. According to Praachi love and respect for fellow human beings and the planet, laughter and music, has the power to make the world a better place.