Group Loans

Group Loan is, micro joint-liability credit and is designed to help rural poor people who have a specific purpose of using the loan to generate incomes. MAXIMA will provide loan amount up to $750 for working capital per member without any collateral. Prospective clients are encouraged to form joint-liability groups of 3-6 members among their community members with similar needs and apply for Group Loan.


Loan Size

Interest Rate

Loan Term

USD $50 to $750 1.50% per month/
18% per year
6 to 12 months


  • You can get reasonable loan size as per your need and capacity, with very flexible loan term depending on business cycle

  • You can get very reasonable and competitive interest rate

  • You will enjoy very fast, convenient and trustworthy customer service and friendly staff

  • The interest amount is calculated based on the actual principal amount

  • Free delivery (door to door service)

  • Payment can be settled by Khmer Riel


  • Age: 18 to 65 years old

  • Have ID card, family book or residential book

  • 3 to 6 members with a selected group leader.

  • Group members must take joint liability for repayment of loan,

  • Have capacity to pay back

  • Need representative of one village bank per village

  • The clients should be a permanent resident in which MAXIMA operates its service.

  • Agreement to borrow between borrower and family members.

  • Have two photograph size 4X6


  • Call 023 214 240

  • Or Contact directly with MAXIMA's staff

  • Or visit your nearest MAXIMA branch/service office