MAXIMA Green Cambodia Campaign (MGCC)

MAXIMA is a pro-environment MFI. It has since its inception been diligently following the second standard of the Green Index. MAXIMA Green Cambodia Campaign MGCC (Tree Planting Project) has the slogan: “Each One Plant One” In the words of MAXIMA Staff: “The main purpose of the initiative is to create a culture of loving the environment, and how MAXIMA and staff could contribute for environmental welfare of their clients and their beloved Kingdom of Cambodia”.

“Each one plant one”, the slogan of the event MAXIMA Green Cambodia Campaign, MAXIMA continues planting trees for school. On 15 July 2017, MAXIMA arranged the Green Cambodia Campaign at Tnout Village, Roka Commune, Pearang District, Preyveng Province. MAXIMA planted 100 luxury trees: Korkey, and Chher Teal. The event attended by 116 people: 30 students, 5 teachers, 1 local authority and 31 Maxima staff.